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BattleVer 02-16-09 11:10 PM

B-ver's Build Thread
I'm probably not going to say much, just throw up pictures as things go along.

DY3VERSITY 02-16-09 11:28 PM

I can barely tell that's an SC.. haha

TroySC300 02-16-09 11:42 PM


Hil 02-16-09 11:45 PM

talk about a teaser

pmpdaddyt 02-17-09 07:32 AM

big plans i see, any hints???

ICONYQ 02-17-09 07:38 AM about working it from the bottom up

aka paco 02-17-09 07:48 AM

lol dang talk about building from scratch!?

parnzen 02-17-09 08:23 AM

what are your plans? im thinking a full out race car is in the works

turbodremz 02-17-09 08:41 AM

looks like your missing some parts :D

JPSFAB 02-17-09 08:48 AM

So what's this project going to be like? Are you building a street car or race car?

Pingar 02-17-09 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by jpsfab (Post 4261685)
so what's this project going to be like? Are you building a street car or race car?


LEX_MAN 02-17-09 09:32 AM


10 char

BattleVer 02-17-09 09:46 AM

Its for the 09 formula d season. I just dont have much time. Trying to cut as much weight off the car as i can right now before I start putting it together. Have about a month to build it, but i have a backup car if I dont get it done in time for Long Beach.

P Weezy 02-17-09 09:50 AM

Wooow, after i read the title i wasnt expecting it to really be a BUILD thread lol :D.

Good luck tho man!:thumbup:, keep us posted

jimmyXthai 02-17-09 09:59 AM

alex pfeiffer from battle version?

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