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Feijai85 01-16-12 07:10 PM

Best car wash soap?!?!
Doesn't matter the price, I've been using mothers car wash soap for years and I think I should upgrade. I've heard chemical guys are good anything else?

Vincent123 01-16-12 07:28 PM

I use chemical guys soap. Once I started using chemical guys I stopped purchasing meguiars etc

InRBigness 01-16-12 09:40 PM

I really like Optimum No Rinse especially for the winter. No bubbles and you can just dry it without rinsing at all.

wyee99 01-16-12 09:57 PM

I use meguiars

Kingkrs 01-16-12 10:04 PM

I have been using this stuff all of last summer. I got tired of using the other stuff since it didn't provide enough suds. This stuff suds up just perfect and they last. Leaves a good shine and just works great. I also use their ultimate wax too. I am anxious to see how nice the new color of Smoky Granite Mica looks all nice and waxed!

detailersdomain 01-17-12 07:22 AM

Please take a look at

Lusso Auto Bathe


Wolf's Nano Car Shampoo.

These two car washes are used a lot to maintain our cars as well as customers' cars.

eyezack87 01-17-12 10:17 PM

Optimum Wash and Zaino Z7 are my picks when I feel picky. Otherwise it is any random soap in my arsenal due to my foam cannon

pardo 01-18-12 08:40 AM

I have been using P21S for more than 10 years. Great stuff from Germany.

embolism 01-18-12 11:33 AM

chemical guys citrus wash and gloss (best value)
dodo juice supernatural or born to be mild (if cost isn't an issue)

I'm sure there are pricier things out there but high price isn't always an indication of performance...

PaPaHoFF 01-18-12 11:45 AM

in the winter i like to use urine because its warm, slick, and makes any finish shine. For the rest of the year i use chemical guys citrus wash and gloss to strip waxes and meguiars hyperwash for weekly washes :)

kitlz 01-18-12 11:47 AM

Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam for the prewash with the Gilmour foam gun, Optimum Car Wash for washing. I may switch to CG only. The suds are great, even in super cold water. And it's only one capful to five gallons water.

OutlawTita 01-18-12 01:48 PM

Most of the time I use Optimum No Rinse but when I do a full wash I will match DuraGloss 901 against any boutique soap you can find. Superior lubricity, long lasting suds, and gentle on your wax/sealant despite being cheaper than most. What more can you ask?

rcarmean 05-29-14 12:58 PM

I recently bought some Zymol car wash soap. I believe that I saw it recommended somewhere. Has anyone heard anything, good or bad, about this brand? Seems like there are LOTS of different brands, and different people recommend different brands.

Thanks for any input.

rcarmean 06-08-14 06:21 PM

Thanks so much to everyone for their input. Much appreciated!

zmcgovern4 06-09-14 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by rcarmean (Post 8573805)
Thanks so much to everyone for their input. Much appreciated!

lol sarcasm?

Have no experience with Zymol soaps

For routine maintenance, I personally like the Optimum Car Wash

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