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ZhiuPei 07-16-14 07:13 PM

Hawk Front Brake pads
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Hi i have for sale a hawk HPS front brake pad.
for Is250 06-08

asking 60 bucks OBO pick up in Irvine

I can ship too..

ZhiuPei 07-19-14 12:13 PM

Bump for a new set.
Front pads

ZhiuPei 07-24-14 05:56 PM

Bump to the top! nobody needs some breakpads?

rawr2is250 07-25-14 02:59 PM

do these produce much dust?

ZhiuPei 07-27-14 03:54 PM

I have a set on my is300 and I really don't see much thou

ZhiuPei 08-01-14 11:31 AM

Bump anyone need brakepads?

ZhiuPei 09-10-14 12:13 PM

Bump still for sale

MEAHT 09-10-14 12:36 PM

We do need brake pads. Problem is your price my dude. How you expect to sell these when theyre new 70$ shipped online?

People should REALLY do a 2 second search for what theyre trying to sell on here.

ZhiuPei 09-10-14 11:01 PM

Could you please guide me and show me where u saw them for 70 shipped?
I searched just now and yes i believe the cheapest i found was 87..

Proof me wrong please

thank you

PS. i also said OBO no?

MEAHT 09-11-14 09:25 AM

Hey you asked.

People come in here expecting to save money for second hand (or even new) parts. You wont find anyone to give you even anywhere near 90$ for these.
Dont kill the messenger. :/

ZhiuPei 09-11-14 09:47 PM

Just so u know They are not the same. 2009 is250 and up uses another model. So that google search is incorrect. Also is exactly what I found 87 bucks shipped.

My price is high hence I put Obo. But there's no way ull get this for 70 shipped online.

Thanks for ur input

Now anybody interested?

ZhiuPei 09-25-14 11:21 AM

bump to the top

ZhiuPei 06-11-16 12:17 AM

bump to the top

ZhiuPei 07-13-16 02:18 PM

Anybody needs brake pads?

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