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RVCAis250 03-30-13 05:17 PM

Fs: Ings+1
First off, since I know it will be asked, I don't have pictures yet. Otherwise I'd have them posted up and so as soon as go out and take some quality pictures for you guys I'll post them up and update this thread.

With that said, I have for sale my INGS lip kit (rep) PAINTED SGM for 2006-2008 ISx50's. I don't have the rear lip cause I already sold it to a member a few months ago. I would prefer to sell the front lip and side skirts together but I don't mind splitting them up.

Prices are FIRM. Not in a rush to sell so I will ignore lowball offers. I know very well how much these parts cost and even did a quick eBay search just now to see what the lowest of the low prices are. My pieces are fitted to the bumper so snug that it can sit without screws.
I'm located in 92618, Irvine, SoCal. For now I am looking for a local sale first. If I cannot sell it locally, I'll move on;
however people looking for me to ship it, feel free to reply so that I can have your name down if I do decide to ship it.

INGS+1 Front Lip - 200
  • pretty beat up, a few cracks from when I couldn't avoid a box on the freeway, and also has paint cracks simply from being a daily driver. It didn't bother me enough to go have it repainted but it would probably be in your best interest to have it repainted
INGS+1 Side Skirts - 250
  • basically flawless, a few marks and scratches that aren't visible are underneath the side skirt simply from being lowered

Quik208 03-30-13 05:46 PM

Authentic or reps?

pchang619 03-30-13 06:40 PM

Beside what Quik208 ask. What year will it fit?

RVCAis250 03-30-13 06:48 PM

Originally Posted by Quik208 (Post 7854759)
Authentic or reps?

they're replica's from VIS. They're like the varrstoen's of wheels. They're better quality then most replica's out there but not authentic. Fitment is on point

Originally Posted by pchang619 (Post 7854845)
Beside what Quik208 ask. What year will it fit?

It'll fit 2006-2008 ISx50

trinh 03-31-13 01:12 AM

If you do decide to ship, let me know the price for both of them shipped to 95135

RVCAis250 04-13-13 05:01 PM

SOLD! (mods please close) thankyou CL

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