XCAR Drives TMG TS 650, The AMG Answer?

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We all know Toyota’s German tuning arm, TMG (Toyota Motorsport GmbH) is capable of turning any ordinary Toyota and Lexus into a performance dream all car enthusiasts lust. XCAR’s Drew Stearne had a chance to flog TMG’s latest conceptual creation, the TMG TS 650, a highly modified 4th Generation LS with a 650hp twin turbo 5.0L V8.

Aside from the twin turbo powertrain, modified body aero, large alloy wheels and massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes from the LFA stop the S 63 AMG killer like a small lightweight sports car. The exhaust even features a quad staggered design from the IS F. This car is capable of a top speed of nearly 200 mph. Impressive! Could this be the signs of a future LS F? Check out the video below.

The folks at XCAR also talk about TMG’s history and rich motorsports heritage. With all this engineering know how, could TMG be potentially be the answer to Mercedes Benz’s in-house tuner AMG? With WRC, TTE (Team Toyota Europe) tuning for Lexus including the Project IS 430 Kompressor and the Toyota F1 program under their belt, it would only make sense. 
But there is a twist to the bigger picture. Toyota also runs an in house Japanese based TRD and there is also an in-house F and F SPORT lines created from the factory. So who oversees what in this confusing puzzle? Could TMG and TRD be combined into one and create amazing things? Or would they keep it separate focusing on different elements of Toyota tuning and modifications? Whatever it is, we hope these driveable concepts become reality in the near future. With the coming of an RC F and GS F, is there room for a future LS F?

 Source: [XCAR] & [Lexus UK]

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