XBOX 360’s Lexus Test Drive Unlimited Challenge! **Sunday, February 4, 2007 2pm – 4pm EST**

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Attention: All Lexus Enthusiasts!

Lexus & Atari has teamed up and put together a gaming competition for all XBOX 360 & Lexus gamers out there. It will be a competition hosted by Atari for their latest driving game, Test Drive Unlimited for the XBOX 360. This is your chance to vote for and win ACTUAL prizes courtesy of Lexus USA. The prizes are pre-selected for the challenge. But you do have a chance to cast your vote on the prize! All the items will come from THE LEXUS COLLECTION catalog.

WHERE & WHEN: Sunday, February 4, 2007 2pm – 4pm EST

Please stay tuned on the Atari Forum for more details. Click on the URL below for more information:

Here are some video clips of the Lexus IS350 in Test Drive Unlimited game:
Low Resolution Video:
High Resolution Video:


Don’t miss out on this rare & exclusive event! All prizes are courtesy of Lexus USA.

Good Luck!
CL Ed. 

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