Wrestling Legend Bret Hart Stars in Appropriately Cheesy Lexus Ad

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 Bret Hart - Lexus commercial

Needless to say, The Hitman’s acting is far from ‘excellently executed.’

 Bret Hart - Lexus commercial

As you well know, Lexus is famous for its amazing ads. The company’s artistically crafted, well thought-out commercials convey the essence of the brand like no other. But we’ve found one particular Lexus commercial, for a local dealership in Canada, that the folks at HQ might not have exactly signed off on. Even if it does star legendary professional wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

If you know anything about wrestling in the ’80s and ’90s, you undoubtedly know who Hart is. The Canadian-born wrestler is credited with changing the perception of professional wrestling thanks to his highly technical style. And most consider him one of the greatest to ever enter a ring. Hart won 32 championships in his five-decade career and is a seven-time world champion.

But for all of his amazing wrestling skills, the Hitman doesn’t seem to be too interested in playing a convincing character in the Lexus of Calgary TV spot. Nor does the “employee” who comes to pick up Hart’s Lexus for a “VIP Valet Service.” But the less-than-stellar acting and cheesy forced lines add up to one seriously entertaining video, nonetheless.

Maybe as a Calgary native and longtime Lexus owner, Hart simply felt like doing the dealer a solid. Or perhaps he got free lifetime VIP Valet Service out of the deal. Either way, it’s somewhat refreshing to see Hart still has a sense of humor. Or are we the only ones who find this commercial funny? Either way, Bret’s still “the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be” in our book.

We are thrilled to share this short demonstration of our renowned VIP Valet Service featuring @ak662 @ladiesoflexus @brethitmanhart! 💥🔥 Video by: @eyesinheim 📹

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