Woman Spends Thousands Making Her Lexus NX a Vegan

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Lexus NX

Recently converted vegan has a ‘beef’ with her new Lexus NX, and she can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

Vegans are, quite simply, folks who don’t eat or use animal products. Unlike vegetarians, vegans don’t consume any products of animal origin. But recently, those beliefs have expanded to exclude anything that encompasses forms of animal cruelty, including things like clothing. But one thing we’ve never considered is the use of animal products in cars. Until now, that is.

Because it appears a Dubai woman has created what might be the world’s first vegan Lexus NX. According to the plant and animal lovers over at VegNews, Indian-born Rhea Bindra wanted a compact luxury crossover, but her lifestyle didn’t mesh with one little detail – the steering wheel. Thanks to cost cutting measures, leather seating is an option on most new luxury vehicles like the Lexus NX. But the steering wheel is still wrapped in cow carcass.

Lexus NX

Now this presents a major problem for someone like Bindra, who’s been quite the vegan advocate since converting over last year. The 27-year old already cleaned out her closet and switched to vegan cosmetics. And like most vegans, she likes to tell everyone that she’s a vegan. Bindra has converted several friends and family members, and even convinced a local restaurant to offer up some vegan dishes.

So when Bindra wanted to take possession of her new ride, the cow hide covered steering wheel wasn’t going to cut it. To rectify the problem, she paid a whopping $8,000 to have it removed. Now she can tool around the Middle East guilt-free. And while it might seem kind of strange that she would buy a vehicle that had originally been outfitted with an animal product, at least we can agree with her brand choice.

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