2018 Lexus LS Offers Unprecedented Value

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2018 Lexus LS

All-new Lexus LS is chock-full of tech & content, all at a very reasonable price.

By now, we’re all familiar with the drill. With every iteration, cars get more powerful, safer, and pack more and more technology. And that typically means, of course, more money. That’s why we expected the all-new 2018 Lexus LS, a true tech and safety powerhouse, to cost a pretty penny. After all, this is Lexus’ flagship. Its true showcase of what it can do as an automaker. But we were shocked to learn that this incredible car is also an incredible value.

And we weren’t the only ones. Club Lexus members are quite pleased with the 2018 Lexus LS as well. Despite the fact that the new car is literally light years further down the evolutionary scale than the outgoing one, buying a new LS won’t cost you much more than before. And, more importantly, it’s incredibly competitive amid those other brands, as pbm317 points out.

2018 Lexus LS

“The media events have been going on. Driving embargo is in effect until later this month, but this seems like the first posting that lists price. Starting at $75,000 and they expect 70% of LS 500s to be transacted under $80,000. Well under the German flagships. Genesis G90 probably doesn’t like this news.”

With a base MSRP just a couple grand over the outgoing model, it kinda gives Aron9000 deja vu.

“Sounds like the 1990 LS400 strategy. Benz S-Class level of size, prestige, room, and horsepower for E-class $$$$.”

The smart strategy also highlights the many battles Lexus is fighting, as Rhambler mentions.

“Smart move. That price will move units. They’re fighting multiple fronts: SUVs, higher-echelon V8 TTs Mercedes (etc.), and lower-tier up-and-comers (e.g. Genesis). This will put this car, even with that engine, back on people’s radar, IMO.”

2018 Lexus LS

If nothing else, the strategy is much different from the standard, as Fizzboy7 points out.

“It’s refreshing hearing Lexus is holding the line on pricing. The pattern has always been, every new redesign of a car in this class brings on another $3,000-$5,000. Once a competitor does it, everyone else follows to stay in the same bracket (a good excuse to raise prices). If one took a stance, as Lexus has done here, it breaks the pattern. Well done.”

And while others argue 0-60 times and handling prowess, peteharvey hits the nail on the head with what customers are looking for in this segment.

“Back in 1989, Lexus was successful with the bread and butter 4.0 V8. Lexus had no LS 500 V10 nor an LS 600 V12 unlike Benz and Beamer, who did have S600Ls & 750iLs.

Today, the standard motor for economy and emissions is the small capacity V6 TT. So IMO, I don’t believe a V8 TT non-sports, nor a V8 TT halo model are that crucial. However, I do believe they must get these things right: styling, space, reasonable levels of performance, economy, braking, handling, comfort, refinement, equipment, safety, and value.

2018 Lexus LS

Lexus uses a firm suspension on the F Sport model, but this will only sell in niche volumes. The important point is that hopefully, Akio hasn’t ordered a firm suspension as standard fitment across the LS range. In other words, the LS 500 should have at least two suspension calibrations – a soft setup for the volume selling bread and butter luxury model, and a firmer setup for the low volume niche F Sport model.”

Regardless of your feelings on things like styling details and performance figures in regards to range-topping luxury sedans, at least we can all agree on one thing. And that thing is that we all appreciate a great value. This thread is chock full of interesting viewpoints and varying opinions on the new 2018 Lexus LS, but it’s missing one thing – your viewpoints and opinions! So head on over here and chime in!

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