VIDEO: Nürburgring Tests in the Lexus RC F

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Since we live in a digital age, it was inevitable video was captured along with the plethora of DSLR photographs. Video footage of the future Lexus RC F driving in and around the world famous Nürburgring in Germany has been posted. The videos give a better perspective the RC F’s musuclar footprint and driving agility.

When you watch the video, you will ultimately notice the nice wide and low profile the RC F has. I’m sure once the camo comes off, we will discover some really sexy lines designed with this car. For now you can really see that the slightly raised rear spoiler sitting on hinges and appears to be in different positions at various speeds. 
As for the engine, it’s obvious there’s a V8 under there judging by the familiar Lexus V8 growl as the car goes flat out around the corners. It’s been reported that there is a 460 HP under the bonnet of this prototype and we’re guessing it’s a revised version of the 2UR-GSE 5.0L based on Lexus tradition of powertrain carryover. The transmission choice is unknown but with we’re expecting a better and faster Aisin AA80E 8 Speed Sport Direct Shift tranny with G Force with Artificial Intelligence (G-AI) and Dynamic Rev Matching to be matched up with the V8. This new car should go toe to toe with the new upcoming BMW M4. Hopefully with the newfound chassis rigidity found in the new IS and GS, Lexus can finally unseat its German rival.
Watch the videos below:

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Source: [Carscoops] & [PaulTan]

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