Turbo Lexus For The Future? Yes!

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Toyota has a had a long history of creating awesome performance vehicles with legendary engines. When you think turbo and Toyota, engines like the legendary 3S-GTE 2.0L I-4 and 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo 3.0L I-6 first come to mind. Lexus may get their first batch of turbocharged engines in the near future according to Automotive News.

Mark Rechtin of Automotive News says that the first Lexus turbo will reside in the upcoming NX 200t which was recently trademarked with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The NX 200 is scheduled to arrive in 2014 as a possible 2015 model. We suspect this new engine will be an all-new 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder which will create 200+ horsepower and yield high MPG numbers, possibly in the mid to high 30 MPG range. 
This engine is reported to replace the 4GR-FSE 2.5L V6 already found in the outgoing and new 2014 Lexus IS. As BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi lead the way in turbocharged 4 cylinders, Lexus is finally jumping on the bandwagon. But is this too little too late? Hopefully this new motor will satisfy us, especially in the aftermarket world.

Here’s what we think the new 4 cylinder turbo will go in:
NX 200t – New Small Crossover Utility Vehicle
RC 200t – New Luxury Coupe
IS 200t – Replacement of the IS 250 – 4GR-FSE 2.5L V6
CT 200t – An additional petrol engine offering to the CT
Possible Lexus NX?
Photo: Carscoops

Lexus LF-CC Concept, possible Lexus RC?

Photo: Lexus

Source: [Automotive News]


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