Toyota Teases Supra with BMW Partnership

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Last week BMW and Toyota decided to put aside their differences for the greater good of building a sports car. Toyota has experienced recent success with their collaboration with Subaru, so it makes sense for them to reach out to the builders of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” 
Allegedly, the new car will be built on the 6-series platform. Hopefully, it will be called the “Supra.”

That, of course, is wishful thinking. The car coming out of the collaboration will be sustainable, and sporty. Likely this means the car will be getting a healthy dose of Toyota’s hybrid technology, but with the body of a beamer. The 6-series is a grand touring coupe, so that also means the frame could fit the LF-LC. There are worse places to start that that, and with TMG coming into promenince soon, the Lexus world looks like it could be heating up.

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