Too Bad: Panoramic Roof on the NX Won’t Come to the USA

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The embargo on NX driving impressions expired Sunday night, and while we won’t know how successful the compact crossover will be until it hits showrooms, my experience indicates Lexus has delivered another great product. And as I said, I think the new edition to the lineup will sell dominate its segment–just as the RX has done it entered the market in 1998. 
But one killer option we won’t see on the NX stateside is the panoramic roof. I grabbed the photo above from Lexus Europe’s Facebook page, and having driven a few vehicles with a panoramic roof, I think it would have been a popular–if pricey–feature here in the good old US of A. 
While I’m not exactly sure why it’s not going to be available for American buyers, I’m going to go ahead and blame safety nannies–because they’re really my favorite scapegoat for anything I don’t like. Maybe they feared people might get sunburned too easily?
Anyway, head to the forum and let me know what you think the NX’s lack of vertical visibility! >>      


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