The New Lexus RX Climbs Stairs

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New Lexus RX

Good news! If you’ve ever wondered, or even better, if you’ve ever based your luxury SUV purchases on whether a vehicle can climb up a flight of stairs or not, then we’ve got the video review for you!

Most auto manufacturers build complicated ramps, seesaws, and even ship journalists to remote and exotic locations to perform thorough automotive testing. Not this Russian journalist, all he needed were some steps at his local mall parking lot, and a new Lexus RX 200t with all-wheel drive, which I must add—is not available in the States.

Unless you can understand what this journalist is saying, one can only deduct he’s explaining how the Dynamic Torque Control AWD system functions in the new generation RX, and how the snowy and quite slippery steps make the differentials work overtime to sort things out.

While it’s safe to say that most Lexus RX owners won’t be doing any urban off-roading, it’s always good to see what vehicles are capable of, just in case.


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