The New ClubLexus

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Currently in the “.com generation”, the internet has proven to be the primary source for most people to obtain information. Specifically, ClubLexus has aimed at catering to the public as a Lexus owners’ club. Since the web site’s grand opening in February 2001, the company has satisfied both educational and social needs for Lexus enthusiasts. With much anticipation, on March 1, 2003, ClubLexus will re-launch the newly improved site.

What can everyone expect from the new ClubLexus? Visitors can find anything and everything about Lexus vehicles. Information about specific models can easily be obtained as well as technical tips and write-ups of various Lexus aftermarket products. Also, a new site design has been implemented in hopes to become more user-friendly. With many more exciting new features to offer, the new ClubLexus intends to make everyone’s experience even greater.

One specific new characteristic of the site is that it offers a news service that features a variety of articles with information about the industry, Team Lexus, industry rumors, and new scoops. Another new aspect of ClubLexus is the featured car section that showcases a different forum member’s car each month! Another important facet of the newly designed site is the internal search engine that helps readers find specific information in a quick and easy way.

The most obvious change, however, is the layout of ClubLexus. Not only does the new design make navigation easier for readers, but the color scheme has also been successfully chosen to be compatible with the site’s range of users. Neither too bland nor too bold, the light blue and white colors provide a perfect contrast to each other. Also, an interesting yet subtle modification lies in the new ClubLexus logo that changes into different Lexus models each time users access a new page.

Finally, one of the greatest additions to ClubLexus is the new store that allows members to take pride in the web site as well as their cars. With an assortment of products such as mugs, t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, key chains, stickers and much more, the ClubLexus store also caters to member-specific needs such as ordering new service manuals for their Lexus’ and receiving special discounts from various ClubLexus vendors.

With many improvements still on the way, the new ClubLexus continues to aim at enhancing the Lexus ownership experience to the fullest!

The success of ClubLexus would not have been made possible without the help of Lexus, Team Lexus, Erik P., Elim K., David W., Daniel K., Ziemowit P., Steven R., Brice B., Julie L., J.J., Brendan L., Matt W., all the moderators and the ClubLexus vendors. Their continual support and hard work will always be greatly appreciated!

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