The First One is the Hardest: LFA #140 Crashed in California!

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2012_lexus_lfa01-blog.jpgFortunately, the damage doesn’t look too bad. And since the seller listed the title as clean, it hasn’t been totaled. The real kicker is the mileage: an uber-low 635!

Other than the fact that it happened near Sun Valley, California in October, there’s not much info on the cause of the accident. But it sure doesn’t look like any triple-digit speeds were involved. In my–completely non-expert–opinion, this unfortunate LFA was in a fender bender, and nothing more. The next time we see one of these wrecked, it’ll probably be a lot worse.

In reading though the forum posts on this incident, I was kind of surprised by folks asking how anyone could wreck an LFA. Really guys? Just because this car is easier to handle than, say, a 700-horsepower Raging Bull, doesn’t mean it’s going to be as forgiving as your Mom’s Corolla. So it really shouldn’t surprise people when somebody winds up stuffing one into the fence. It might be tragic–but it’s the way of the supercar.

Click on the photos below to see more pictures of the wrecked halo car, and head over to the Forum to check out what members are saying about the wreck of the first production LFA.


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