Team Lexus’ IS 300 Race Car Specifications

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These are the specifications for the Team Lexus IS 300 race car. It is because of the skill of the drivers and this car that Team Lexus took by storm six of the top ten spots for the Individual Driver Points and number one spot for the Team Owner Points in 2002.

Team Lexus
Car Specifications
Engine type In-Line, 6 iron block, aluminum head, certified low emission vehicle (LEV)
Displacement 3.0 liters (183 cubic inches)
Valve Train Twin cam, four valves per cylinder, with continuously variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i)
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Horsepower at RPM 235 hp @ 6,000
Torque at RPM 218 lb – ft. @ 3,800
0 – 60 MPH Acceleration 6.4 seconds
1/4 mile acceleration 13.7 seconds Top
Track Speed 151.7 MPH
Fuel Consumption 17/24 MPG city/highway
Aerodyanmic Drag Coefficient 0.29
Turning Circle 37.1 ft
Power to Weight Ratio 15.2 lb per hp
Engine Management Motec
Exhaust L-Tuned/TRD
Transmission Getrag 6 speed manual
Drive Wheels Rear Drive
Fuel Capacity 17.5 Gallons
Spark Plugs Toyota/Denso
Chassis Welded – Steel Unibody
Weight 2,750 lbs.
Suspension Protrac shock absorption & Kirk-Habicht Springs

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