Team Lexus 2003 Poster Girl Position Up For Grabs

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In a perfect world, Team Lexus would be able to have three gorgeous ladies as their 2003 poster girls. It’s really a shame because that’s not the way it’s going to be. These three young ladies that have volunteered for the position, Susan, Alex, and Ingrid, have a broad knowledge of the whole racing scene and have even had past experience. The problem is that Team Lexus only has one position available for the 2003 poster girl. The one lucky lady who will be chosen will end up being part of various Team Lexus events and also help further promote the team.

From left to right: Susan, Alex and Ingrid

Personally, I don’t believe in such competition. Competition leads to anger and anger leads to hate. I’ve got as many positions to fill up as you have as many volunteers to sign up. Well, that’s not in a perfect world, but primarily in my dreams.

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