Supercharged Lexus IS F Makes 652 WHP on E85

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Turns out, you can have modern supercar performance in your Lexus IS F with a blower, fuel upgrades and a tune.

The much-beloved Lexus IS F has been gone for years now, but we’re just beginning to crest its performance potential. The sporty sedan remains a fan favorite here in the Club Lexus forums as well. There you’ll find countless IS F builds, from mild cosmetic transformations to full-on track monsters. And the forums is also where we spotted RR Racing‘s incredible supercharged Lexus build.

Member Weapon F posted a video of the car ripping off its latest dyno session. As well as some further info he received from RR themselves.

“I spoke to Simon and he told me they feel that this is about as much as the stock transmission can take. Going any further would require rebuilding the trans, which would be extremely expensive.”

Lexus IS F

Needless to say, 652 horsepower at the wheels is plenty impressive, regardless. RR’s Lexus IS F features its Stage 2 tuning kit, which includes the fuel system upgrades required to run E85. And that simple change, along with an E85-specific tune, obviously made a huge difference on the dyno, as the OP points out.

“On pump gas it’s making 582 hp, which is not bad at all. The E70 tune puts it damn near 800 hp and 652 whp. To put that into perspective, McLaren 720s are putting down anywhere between 680 and 690 whp, depending on the dynos. Hellcats are doing around 670 whp, the Demon (on normal mode) 707, and the new ZR1 654.”

Lexus IS F

Impressive, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean RR won’t continue pushing the proverbial envelope on the Lexus IS F, either. And that comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

“We are working on making more power, only because we want to continue to push the platform forward. That said, I think the current E85 tunes that push between 620-650 are really the sweet spot in terms of reliability. With our current levels of SC tunes, the car is ridiculously fast at the track, stupid fast on the street, and an absolute blast to drive.” 

Lexus IS F

Modern supercar performance for way less money sounds pretty awesome to us. So if you’re looking to really crank things up on your Lexus IS F, be sure and head over here to stay tuned to the latest updates!

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