Stay Tuned: Tokyo Motor Show Coverage Coming to Club Lexus!

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Right now, I’ve been working for over 14 hours, and I’ve still got a ways to go. But do I care? Not. One. Bit. Because tomorrow morning, I’m catching a plane to Tokyo for a Lexus Press Junket! 
To say I’m excited is a huge understatement–I’m going bonkers over here. Not only am I going to get to go to the Tokyo Motor Show–which I’ve been dreaming about for years–but the Lexus brass have all kinds of excitement planned for the lucky hacks they invited on this trip. Just one example? First thing Monday morning, I’ll be heading to Fuji International Speedway, where I’ll get to run laps around the Race Course in the LFA, IS F CCS-R and IS F Japan Special Edition. 
And while I’m over in the land of the Rising Sun, I’ll visit Intersect by Lexus, get to talk to a host of Lexus big shots–Kiyotaka Ise, Tokuo Fukuichi, and Mark Templin–and see a partner robot demonstration by Mr. Tamaoki of Toyota Motor Corp. All this–and robots? Yes!
I can’t wait to start posting coverage, so stay tuned!  

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