Spy Shots of the RC-F Spill Onto Web

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Lexus IS-F Coupe 001.jpg

It looks like Lexus wasn’t just trademarking those letters for the hell of it. Lexus has officially kept mum about the prospect of a new coupe, but copyright filings have led us to expect one for month. Now, finally, there’s proof.

Here are the three things we know for sure about this car:

Lexus IS-F Coupe 005.jpg
1. It exists. This isn’t a concept or some pipe dream. Lexus will finally be getting a real coupe. No more convertible’s masquerading as “performance luxury.” The coupe strikes an attractive profile, even while wrapped up in camo. Exciting.
Lexus IS-F Coupe 002.jpg
2. It’ll be fast. The hood scoop and those super wide rear tires are dead giveaways. Those look like 275s on the back. Good lord. It’s also got the front fender slits and quad-exhuasts from the IS-F. These are all great signs.
Lexus-Coupe-Spyshots (2).jpg
3. It’s an IS inside. From the dash-board to the gauge housing, to the the nav, to the trim… Lexus is basing this car off the new IS. That means it’ll probably be specced to compete with BMW’s M4. Which, again, leads me to believe that it’ll be a properly quick car.
This model is almost certainly the F version, which means we should anticipate hearing about a RC350 sometime soon. Head to the forum for more photos and discussion!
Lexus IS-F Coupe 004.jpg
Lexus IS-F Coupe 006.jpg

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