Spoiled For Choice: McLaren 12C vs. LFA

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It’s the old fight, which one do you pick if you had the money? Everyone has done it. We’ve all pretended to pick and choose your fleet of cars if say you won the lottery tomorrow. For me it’s straight to the Ariel Atom dealer for a 3.5R, and then blasting off to Koenigsegg, but hey that’s me.
But what if you were presented the option between only two cars? There were only two supercars left. And you could drive them first. Which do you pick? That’s the question I’m posing to you all.
Below is a video of a McLaren 12C and a LFA running around together, and it’s up to you which to pick. Neither are slouches, but do you pick the track-bred racer, or the car with a noise that makes your spine quiver? Your choice!

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