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There has been a lot of study on the satisfaction level from the customers' point of view against dealerships, automakers, etc. But few have talked about dealership satisfaction against the manufacturer. Not too long ago JD Power and Associate has finished their Dealer Attitude Study and it shows that for the second straight year, Lexus were most satisfied with their manufacturer.

Lexus scored 169 points this year, which is 23 points more than the second place Toyota. Saturn, the second place holder in 2001, scored 144 and is placed third. Followed that is BMW, and then Honda and Hyundai are tied for fifth.

The survey shows that in 2002, the results post highest scores ever recorded over the 16 years history of the survey. 22 dealers scored over 108, the industry standard, versus 16 in 2001. Moreover, the industry average also rises from 93 to 108, which is also a record high for single year increase. For the record, from 2000 to 2001, the average increased by 5 points and it broke a 6-year declining streak.

Cadillac posted the best improvement overall, raising the scores by 34 points and moved from No. 27 from last year (below average) to No. 20 of this year.

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