Rumormill: Next IS-F To Be Twin-Turbo Six?

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There’s a new rumor floating about the internet concerning Lexus’ next IS F. In lieu of Toyota’s recent partnership with BMW, there has been some speculation about Lexus swapping out the the their 4.6L V8 for a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine. Possibly, even using the inline six from BMW.

That’s the rumor any way. Considering that BMW is ditching the V8 for a turbo six cylinder power plant for the next M3, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll lend it to Lexus for the IS F.

Toyota, of course, is no stranger to the benefits of boost. It wouldn’t be outside the realm of reason for them to build their own boosted six to support their sports car’s prospects. Slapping two-turbos on the 2GR-FSE would be an easy way to do it. A boosted version of the 300hp power plant could easily surpass the 400hp mark. Heck, the GT-R gets to 545hp reliably with this type of setup. There’s no reason Lexus couldn’t do the same.

They might also just go the Mercedes route and slap two turbos on their current  V8 and call it day. That would easily be the most powerful (read: AWESOME) way for them to go. Sure, it wouldn’t be as powerful as the C63 AMG, or as nimble as the M3, but it would be different. Kind of a middle ground between the high-strung nature of BMW’s sports cars and the tire obliterating torque of Mercedes.

Let’s not forget that TMG is still in the picture too. The next-gen IS F can go a lot of different ways. Only time will tell which road Lexus decides to pursue.

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