Road & Track Pits GS 350 F Sport Against Audi A7

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Big, fast sedans have traditionally been the sole property and ownership of German marquees. If you wanted to be coddled in cozy leather and be able to pull .88 G’s on the skid pad, your options were limited. But now the equation has changed a little bit with Lexus’ F Sport line. Instead of resting comfortably in their niche, they’ve decided to turn up the wick a bit and brawl with the big boys.

Those lucky bast…er, guys, at Road and Track set out to test Lexus’ newest sport sedan against Audi’s A7. Why they chose the A7 instead of the A6, we’ll never know. Regardless, they reckon the comparison is pretty close despite the GS350 costing some $15k less. Who comes out on top? Watch the video to find out.

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