Road & Track: Lexus IS350 F Sport Bests ATS, 335i and Q50

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While it apparently pained them to say it, in a four-way shootout between offerings from BMW, Cadillac and Infiniti the scribes from America’s coolest car magazine felt the Lexus earned the top spot.

While there have been signs of vulnerability in Bavaria’s products as of late–fake engine sounds are hardly going to endear a car to enthusiasts–you have to imagine this test must have shaken up some of the engineers at BMW.

“The IS 350 F Sport isn’t much like a Lexus, at least not how we know them. The way it shrinks at speed until it’s just you, a great engine, and that big tach isn’t what we’ve come to expect. Or maybe this is just what happens when Lexus turns its focus from softness and luxury to competent speed. Either way, we’re happy. And impressed.”

Head over to Road & Track to check out the full piece, and check out the video below to check out what Matt Farah from the Smoking Tire has to say about the IS35o F Sport in regards to the the German heavyweight.


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