Question of the Week: Should the RC F Get a Stick Shift?

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Once upon a time, the manual shifter was king. None of the cars I lusted after as a kid–Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Testa Rossa, Jaguar XJ 220–could even be had with an automatic. 
Now, I know we’ve come a long way from the power-robbing slushbox days of yore. And while dual clutch gearboxes make for wicked fast shifts and faster lap times, if I had my way, all sports cars would come with a third pedal option. But I also buy new music on vinyl records and will occasionally slip and say I used the DVR to “tape” things.
And while I realize it’s unlikely to happen, I think it’d be great if there was an option for an old-school stick shift on the new-school Lexus sports car. Am I wrong? 
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