Proof the Lexus LFA is the Best-Sounding Supercar Ever

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Lexus LFA Launching
Here’s some Friday feel-good for you Lexus fans. I am going to babble about something you most likely agree with, and if you disagree with me, you need to have your eardrums tuned … preferably by Yamaha: not only a fantastic musical instrument manufacturer, but also the company that co-developed the LFA’s 4.8L V10.
It seems any time Yamaha has anything to do with engines, good sound results. For instance, my favorite V8 sound comes from the Yamaha-built 4.4L V8 under the hood of the Volvo S80.
And so, mostly #becauseYamaha, the Lexus LFA is the best-sounding supercar ever built. The proof is in my Instagram video below.
I know, you’re probably thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know.” Well, I’m sorry, but telling you what you don’t know does not apply when you’re talking about the exhaust noise of an LFA. Being reminded of the LFA’s operatic abilities never gets old. The LFA’s scream must be celebrated often. Click play below to join me in the celebratory gluttony.

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