Project 777L: A Replacement Lexus SC?

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According to GT Channel, this rendition of the LF-LC Concept could possibly fill in the spot the SC vacated back in 2010. Rumors have been circling for months about a two tier approach to Lexus’ coupe drought. With the release of both LF-LC and LF-CC last year, we’re certain Lexus will be back in the coupe game soon.

Our biggest question is, will these coupes be based off current platforms and be called coupe models like the IS 350C or GS 350C? But with the recent trademark discovery of RC and RC F, it could be possible that the two coupes can be new models based off current platforms.

We feel strongly about the LF-CC being an IS based coupe which may fill in the RC trademark. As for the LF-LC, it appears to represent a larger luxury coupe, a void that the SC once filled. Will Lexus name this the successor to the LF-LC, the SC or would it be called something new like LC? We’ll have to wait for the next trademarks to be filed.

What do you think of Project 777L? Is it the next SC or something else? You can talk about it HERE!>>

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