Paris’ LFA Monthly Payment Revealed!

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We all know the Lexus LFA starts with an MSRP of $375,000. Not often do we hear about what a monthly payment would be on a vehicle like this. According to the folks at Jalopnik and Celebritycarsblog, someone with a lot of time on their hands took the liberty of running her social security number and checked her credit report. They found out that her LFA’s monthly payment is $5,603 a month and she still has not missed a payment since.

This infamous heiress reportedly received the LFA as a 30th birthday present from her ex boyfriend Cy Waits. Now that they’ve been separated, people have wondered if he paid for it up front and in full. But according to this recent finding, Mr. Waits luckily escaped the burden of this hefty car note. 

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Photos: Jalopnik & Celebritycarsblog

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