Oh, Hail No!: Storm Damages 250 Cars at Colorado Lexus Dealership

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Many of the vehicles appear to be RX and ES models.

Summer is officially here. The heat is coming, whether we like it or not. While many are preparing for the onslaught of asphalt-melting temperatures and lawn watering restrictions, many folks in Colorado are recovering from the damage caused by a recent hail storm that struck a Lexus dealership.

Earlier this week, hail pelted a city in northern Colorado. According to 9 News, “At least 250 cars were damaged by the storm at Stevinson Lexus in Frederick,” which is about 30 miles north of Denver. Many of the cars parked outside of the dealership appear to be RX and ES models. Judging from the footage above, it doesn’t seem that the world’s hardest rain smashed any of their windshields, but it’s highly likely that the affected sheet metal looks like the skin of a golf ball now.

As bad as the damage to those Lexus vehicles undoubtedly is, other vehicles fared much worse. Golfball-sized hail slammed into a patrol car from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, leaving its windshield full of spiderweb cracks. Mother Nature attacked other police vehicles, too. She sent down egg-sized hail onto a trio of Arapahoe County patrol cars, causing destruction to their windshields.

While it’s a shame to see so many attractive Lexus vehicles ravaged by a storm, this is good news for some people out there. Insurance adjusters in the area have their work cut out for them, and people looking to save some money on their next car have a chance to get a new Lexus at a discount if they’re willing to accept a few dings here and there.

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