Next-Gen LFA Will Happen: “Every Generation Deserves a Car Like the LFA”

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First, the good news: there will be another LFA. The bad news? It could take forever, and not in the sense that it’ll be “forever” until we’ll get new episodes of House of Cards. We’re talking a three decades level of “forever.” Here’s Lexus Executive Vice President Mark Templin speaking to Bloomberg yesterday in Kyushu, Japan:

“Akio believes that every generation deserves to have a car like an LFA, so we’re building an LFA for the generation we have today.  At some point, there may be another special car for another generation.”  
After those remarks, spokesman Brian Lyons clarified that the next-gen supercar could be as far as 30 years in the future. Maybe it will fly? 
But while the original LFA took ten years to go from concept to reality–multiple design changes occurred and new carbon weaving technology was invented along the way–I seriously can’t imagine a successor to Toyota’s fantastic V10 supercar will gestate for that long. Though even with that timetable, it could still beat the NSX to market. 
Fortunately there’s a hell of a lot of good stuff in the pipeline from Lexus.  And the sound of the LFA glorious V10 is never further away than YouTube. 

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