New Record: 18 Lexus LFAs & Surprises

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Photo: P.Williamsen

Today marks the first time ever that 18 Lexus LFA have assembled in one place at one time. LFA owners from across the United States gathered at the NOLA Motorsports park to push the limits of their cars.

There are a plethora of LFA configurations including several Nürburgring Packages including the only Matte Black Nürburgring Package in the world. Several of our own members are there including Gengar, lunaC42, CrazyMPG and a few new additions! The event is going on as we speak and we will share the great timeline of events as they occurred. 

16 was the old record from last year’s LFA owners event at Laguna Seca Raceway. I was very fortunate to be a part of that event last year. Hearing an LFA accelerate is one of the greatest wonders of the automotive world but hearing several go all out at one time is mindblowing. First world problems. 

The LFA owners are in for a fantastic day including a surprise visit of some amazing things. More to come…
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