Naked Agression: the LFA Diorama at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show

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naked-lfa.jpgOK, we hear how the biannual Tokyo Auto Show is losing relevance. And given the rise of China, along with the dismal percent of foreign cars on the road in Japan, it kind of makes sense. But then, we see stuff like this naked LFA, and all we want to do is fly to Tokyo.

As the video above proves, this isn’t just a sculpture, but an actual running vehicle without the skin. How awesome is that? ClubLexus member Motor just posted some amazing shots of this baby–along with a model of the crazy loom Lexus wove the carbon fiber with–and we’re just speechless. As a car geek, you have to be a little sad that all this beauty winds up hidden under the bodywork. Sure, it’s gorgeous bodywork, but still…

Head over to the Forum for more amazing pics!

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