More GS-F Shots Leak Onto the Web

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Sure it might, look like a plane jane GS -F Sport from the outside, but there’s no mistaking those quad tipped exhuasts. This is a GS-F. And it’s coming soon.

We don’t really know what’s going on under the hood but, my guess is that it’s got a nice 5 liter V8. Likely, some permutation of the engine in the IS F, with direct injection. But that’s all speculation.

All I really want to know is whether or not this GS-F will dust and M5 at the stoplight. Now, I’m not really condoning impromptu luxury drag races… I’m just saying, that if some jerk in an M5 pulls up and starts revving at me, I want to know that I can put his grill in my rear view no problem. You know, peace of mind and all that.

There’s some precedence that Lexus might go for it. After all, the LS TMG is definitely a real thing. You might not be able to buy it (yet) but it’s even more proof that Lexus is hard at work at building really fast luxury cars. Let us know what you think of GS-F in the comments!

via [AutoEvolution]
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