March 2003 Featured Car

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Screen Name: MRGS400nSoCali
Age: 27
Profession: Real Estate Portfolio Manager & soon to be part-time business school student
Car model: Lexus GS400
Car year: 1998
Engine size: 4.0L V8
Color: Black with Black Leather Interior





  1. TM Plugs – $100
  2. Weapon-R Intake w/Cold Air Box – Free


  1. APEX WS Exhaust – $560


  1. Tein CS Coilovers – $1,300
  2. TRD Front Strut Tower Bar – $170
  3. TRD Lower Front Brace – $100 (used)
  4. Tom’s Lower Rear Brace – $280
  5. TRD Sway Bars – $450 (used)
  6. L-tuned Steering ECU – $120


  1. Complete Veilside bodykit (Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper,
    and Rear Wing) – $1,800 parts & $800 painted and installed
  2. L-Sportline Front Grill – $220
  3. Cleared Taillights – $240
  4. Complete Titanium Tint (including windshield) – $250
  5. 6000K HID Kit – $450


  1. MOMO Carbon Fiber Shifter – $50
  2. Carbon Fiber Dash Kit – $350
  3. Custom painted (Alpine Silver) door panels and center console – $80
  4. Custom Power Inverter set-up in glovebox -$100

Tires & Wheels

  1. 20 x 8.5 inch Chromed Lowenhart LD1s – $2,800 w/tires (used)
  2. Nitto NT555 – 245/35/20


  1. Front Supra TT Calipers w/Stillen Matrix pads – $400 (used)
  2. Front Stillen Cross-drilled Rotors (for Supra TT) – $250
  3. Stillen Steel Brake Lines – $100

Stereo System

  1. Kenwood KTV-910 TV/DVD/CD Touchpad Player – $1,400
  2. Yellow-top Optima Battery – $150
  3. 2 pairs of Boston Acoustic 6.5 inch Component Speakers Pro Series -$350/pair
  4. Custom trunk system set-up (Custom subwoofer box with 2 – 10 inch JL subs
  5. Custom vinyl panels
  6. Blue neon lighting
  7. Phoenix Gold 4 channel Amp (4x125watts)
  8. Phoenix Gold 2 channel Amp (2x300watts)
  9. Phoenix Gold Line Driver
  10. Phoenix Gold 1 Farad Capacitor, and Custom Amp Racks) – $2,200 (used)
  11. Dynamat Extreme (4 doors & trunk kit) – $250 – PLUS installation with Monster Cables – $1,000

Future Modifications

  1. Custom 2 Stage Paint Job
  2. Razo Titanium Pedals

What led you to buy a Lexus?

I purchased my Lexus used back in early January 2002 from a private
seller located in Upland CA. The car had approx. 35k miles and I
purchased it for $28k. I used to have a 1995 Toyota Supra TT and was
looking to get into a car that was a bit more refined and
sophisticated. I’ve always thought the Lexus GS car to be a very
beautiful luxury sedan that had a sporty look. I knew that even before
purchasing my current GS that I would “personalize” (ie fixing up) the
car. I love how the car has so much leg, backseat, and trunk space so I
can take co-workers to lunch, friends out, and go on driving trips. I
do enjoy the compliments that I do receive on my car from various
people that encounter throughout any given day. I honestly do plan on
keeping the car for 3-5 years because the car is exactly how I want it.

Fine Dining, shopping, traveling, trips to Vegas, long drives, shooting
pool, snowboarding, golfing, beach at night, spending time with family
& friends, detailing the car on weekends, and watching football
& basketball.


The main goal from the very beginning was to “personalize” the car to
exactly how I want it to look, handle, and sound. I may possibly do
some import shows after I get my custom paint job, but that is not set
in stone. I guess the perfect way to try to describe how I’d like to
look at my car is one of a “daily driven show car.” The looks and
handling of the car have been paramount with performance being of
secondary importance.

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?

Of the bat, I guess you can say that I’m one of these guys who will
never drive a completely STOCK vehicle again in his lifetime. Before I
got my GS, I would see fixed up Lexus GSs when I drove around as well
as the import carshows that I used to enter my old Supra in. That,
along with becoming a member of CLUBLEXUS, also helped me to see how
other members’ fixed GSs along with learning about what different parts
were out there. I became to do my own research on the various
upgrades/mods that were available for the GS and started to modify my
car shortly after I purchased the car. Again, I wanted to “personalize”
my car to exactly how I wanted it to look, handle, and sound. I also
was lucky enough to purchase some of my stuff used from other CL
members. I too had the pleasure of meeting Steve Ganz from Carson
Toyota. Plus, I must admit that to myself, my car is an extension of
who I am and it says a lot about me. Thus, I take a lot of pride in
what I drive and in the manner that I “fix up” my car. I can’t lie; I
do enjoy hearing compliments from people about how the car looks
wherever that I may go.


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