LFA Roars Loud In Detroit

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It’s amazing how much the Lexus LFA draws attention. Even with production stopping a month ago, the LFA still manages to create a lot of buzz. This year in Detroit, Lexus unveiled a new interactive kiosk which includes the use of LEDs, touch screen displays, sound and of course LFA 410,  Nürburgring Package.

Visitors to the Detroit show can finally experience the sound of the LFA in person, and they can rev it up for themselves too! A specific LFA kiosk is located on the western edge of the Lexus display in Cobo Center. There you will find the touch screen which allows you to virtually start up and rev up the LFA. High fidelity speakers are strategically placed around the display and under the LFA to simulate the distinct tones which emit from the LFA at high speeds. The LEDs on the floor change colors as the speed increases on the LFA’s rev meter. The sound is so unique, you can really identify the Yamaha tuned V10 roar throughout Cobo Center!

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