LFA Owners Take On The Nürburgring

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There are many super cars from around the world and there are only some that have set records at a racetrack. Owners of the Lexus LFA are not just ordinary super car owners, they’re admirers of detail and engineering. It was a great day for two LFA owners as they were invited to a place where the LFA was tested and crafted, the Nürburgring.

A video posted by Lexus International was taken during the event and features Craig Zinn, a South Florida LFA Nürburgring owner and Aberhard Jung, an LFA owner from Switzerland as well as a select group of enthusiasts of other car marques. They had a chance to carve the Nürburgring with a Pearl Blue, Whitest White and Orange Nürburgring Package LFA around the Nordschleife. The video is brief but we can only imagine the fun they had that day.
Check out the video:

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Source: Lexus International

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