#LexusInstafilm – An Epic Collaboration

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After weeks of anticipation, the day finally arrived. #LexusInstafilm is now in the Lexus history books as they have successfully accomplished something that has never been done before. #LexusInstafilm is the world’s first collaboratively created film featuring the All-New Lexus IS and exclusively utilizing Instagram photos to capture it. Club Lexus was a proud co-host for this historic event.

Instead of creating a typical film using video cameras, smartphones and the popular Instagram app were the only requirements to film the new IS. Loyal fans of photographer Justin Dingwall (@JustinsLens) and Club Lexus were invited through Instagram, Twitter and forum posts. Over 300 Lexus owners, enthusiasts and instagrammers gathered at a very hot and humid Angel Stadium. 

This  “instameet” offered plenty to do during the whole 6 hour shoot.  Every #LexusInstafilm-er that came out had a chance to connect and socialize and even take photos of all the Lexus eye candy around. Black Lexus LFA #032 was present as well as an artillery of 2014 Lexus IS in every configuration imaginable. We also had an exclusive car corral to share and show off to fellow instafilmers. Pro drivers Pat Mourdant and Jacob Tanaka had a chance to of the all-new IS F SPORT.  Despite the extreme summer conditions, food, shelter and hydration stations helped keep every instafilmers afloat. 
Every instagrammer had a chance to shoot a specific frame in the film using only their smartphone and Instagram app. Once the photo was taken, instructions were given to post up and edit their photo using their favorite filters. Each of the photos uploaded were identified by “Frame #” hashtags so the film editing team can identify and stitch them together. Once the frames are stitched, an exclusive film featuring the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT will be released. Once we get our hands on it, we will be sure to share it. We would like to thank Lexus, Team One and @JustinsLens for letting us be a part of this historical Lexus event.

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