Lexus US Dealerships Undergoing Big Time Makeover

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Lexus Dealership

From interest to research, to shopping and buying – we all know the subtle intricacies a of the dance that surrounds the car purchasing process. It’s as much experience as it is a simple transaction. Lexus corporate are making some pretty big changes to the car buying process by upgrading their dealerships. The idea is to take them off Grammy and Pappy’s dusty idea of luxury and move it into a new age of “progressive luxury”.

Luxury makeover pre-requisities will include the default:

  • Removal of signature gold Lexus signs, replaced by platinum-color exterior, interior signage
  • Some showrooms will reflect the “natural beauty of the geographic area”

My imagination getting a bit carried away with itself, I’m picturing what Lexus dealerships in Vegas, Aspen (do they even have dealerships up there?), and Miami are going to look like after they’re through with makeovers. Hmm…

A closer look at a video by Lexus of Royal Oak gives us a glimpse at what kind of makeovers we can expect. Slightly dry commentary aside, I think it looks splendid. With the sterile feel of Jesus Jeff Bridges’ swanky bachelor pad (yes, even the service bay gets the clean treatment) and a luxurious lobby feel to match the plush backseat of Lexus’ luxury halo car, the LS, it seems like they’re going in a great direction with this.

Strong moves in Lexus’ aggressive campaign to reinvent itself as a serious player in the luxury-sport market.

Some key words, picked out from the video: Modern, state of the art, barista, royal, pedicure, manicure, WiFi, fireplace. I’m now considering a road trip tour to inspect every one of these updated dealerships for the hell of it.

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