Lexus Teases Next F Model Ahead of Detroit

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Lexus, you saucy minx you. It’s been abundantly clear that Lexus has been pushing their F-sport line of cars really hard this year, but we have yet to see a new “F” model. It looks like that wait is coming to an end very soon.

While I can’t be positively sure… I’m pretty sure this is the RC F. The headlights are a dead giveaway.

Regarding power, Lexus’ll likely stuff it with a 5-liter V8, meaning the coupe will make something in the vicinity of 455 horsepower. Probably. They might just blow our minds and fit it with the LFA’s V10 for the purpose of embarassing every other luxury sports coupe on the planet. God please let this happen.

We’ll know more about it come the North American International Autoshow next month. Until then, feel free to dream about a V10 Lexus coupe for the masses. I know I will be.

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