Lexus Takes Flight, Smashes Into Wall, Rebounds like Superman!

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Lexus vs. brick wall

Driver walks away from crazy scene with only minor injuries.

All things considered, this accident would make a great ad for Lexus. This wild scene unfolded recently Suisun City, California when a driver took the turn for the off-ramp a little too fast. Okay, way too fast. His Lexus went spinning, took off through the air, and smashed through a 8-foot concrete wall. And the driver walked away with only minor injuries.

Is this guy Superman, or the Kool-Aid Man?

According to witnesses, the cause of the accident was the unidentified driver ignoring the speed signs and driving too fast on the curvy off-ramp.

“He must have been hauling ass,” a Suisun City firefighter told the Daily Republic.

Because he was hauling said “ass,” the driver missed the sharp turns of the off-ramp and landed on a patch of grass between lanes.

The Lexus then continued on for about 40 yards in the grass before it started spinning out of control, bumping into a barrier and going airborne.

Flying through the air with the greatest of unease, the Lexus then went through the concrete barrier.

While it is a shocking scene, it is pretty remarkable that the driver was treated for only minor injuries. The Lexus on the other hand, was totaled.

But we’re guessing that this driver’s next car will definitely be a Lexus. And we’re also guessing he’ll probably obey those speed limit signs in the future. He doesn’t want to get a reputation as the guy crashing through walls, that honor belongs to another big guy.

Photos: Daily Republic

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