Lexus + Sports Illustrated Hotties – Genius marketing?

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I love the world of automotive marketing. For how analytical and data-driven the industry has gotten (as a result of enabling technologies like ad-serving, big data collection, etc.), there are still some very random campaign ideas. The kind of ideas reminiscent of big-wig marketing exec paradoxes of yore, with throwing spaghetti on the wall decisions and kooky suggestions that seem to come out of nowhere.

That’s how I feel about Lexus’ move to sponsor the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for a sophomore run. Don’t get me wrong. It’s sexy and provocative, and I absolutely love everything about it, but it’s still one of those things that has me scratching head and wondering “who thought of this ideas?”

It does make sense though, in the grand scheme of Lexus very clear intentions to go after younger markets with: edgier styling, bold new products (that thankfully give some real meaning to the sporty “F” moniker they’ve been trying to fo years), and of course, high impact wtf? moves like this.

The goal is clear: Capture the attention of young, affluent, (male), buyers. They’ve certainly gotten my attention, even if it’s for a combined total of ~5 minutes with these two awesome videos.

Note: My new life’s ambition is to get the job of whomever came up and executed these ideas.

“I hadn’t considered purchasing one before, but seeing the GS drift wildly around the race track curves of swimsuit model Tori Praver has now convinced me the A6 is an absolute turd.” –
Targeted customer

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