Lexus RX L: ‘Little Space Goes a Long Way,’ Says ATL Business Chronicle

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Lexus RX L

Some question the usefulness of the slightly extended Lexus RX L. But in this real-life scenario, that little bit of space pays huge dividends.

When Lexus first announced their intentions to build a three-row version of their popular RX crossover, people were understandably a little skeptical. After all, how useful could the Lexus RX L be with a mere 4.3 extra inches? Would the addition of another seat make things incredibly cramped inside? And would this prove to be addition by subtraction? Trading cargo space and legroom for the mere addition of more passengers? Well, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the answer to all those questions is a resounding no.

ABC got their turn behind the wheel of a Lexus RX L in Arizona recently thanks to an interesting invitation-only event. Instead of your average, boring test drive, this event actually tasked attendees with a mission. Each received a $500 gift card, which they would use to buy goods for a local charity. Those items then had to be loaded into the back of their elongated Lexus RX L and transported to a final destination.

Lexus RX L

Pretty ingenious, no? Since the RX L differs little from the RX aside from its additional storage space, it makes sense to highlight the usefulness it adds. And it (somewhat) surprisingly proves extremely useful. The folks at ABC loaded up two carts full of toys and games. With, admittedly, “no thought as to whether or not the RX L was big enough to hold all the things purchased.” Which is basically what everyone does when they go shopping.

Lexus RX L

With the third row folded and the rest packed as-is, everything fits with no problem. You wouldn’t think that 15% more room would translate to much. But ABC sums it up best, saying “The added inches of body add a considerable amount of space and will likely make any family’s Costco and road trips more manageable.” So it would appear that a seemingly simple change makes the Lexus RX L wholly useful, after all!

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