Lexus RC F: A Car Designer’s Perspective

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The numbers don’t tell the whole story about the RC F. There’s a lot to like about the luxury coupe, as Rennlist writer Pouria discovers.

I had the opportunity to test out the Lexus RC F not too long ago. In the process of getting acclimated to the V8-powered Lexus coupe’s personality over the course of the weekend, I gained a great deal of appreciation for what the RC F is all about. It also gave me a better understanding of why it has such a hardcore fanbase. 

I approached the car with the same critical mindset as I do any review, trying to analyze every small aspect of the experience. My point of comparison for the RC F coming in was its Mercedes-AMG counterpart, the C63. So naturally, I was taken aback by how massively different the RC F is in every imaginable way. 

Lexus RC F

I slowly realized that the RC F has been designed to be in a category all its own. Many aspects of what makes the RC F unique are discussed in the video above, but I’m going to go a little more in depth here to analyze the overall design and user experience of the RC F.

RC F design

Exterior Styling

The daring design DNA of Lexus is very much present all around the RC F. The drive to create something fresh within the Lexus design team has led them to challenge the status quo. And for a car like the RC, looking at the unique exterior is only scratching the surface of what the high-performance luxury coupe is all about.

Lexus RC F

Interior Styling

On the inside is where the magic of the Lexus RC F really lives. I was blown away by the amazing styling of the seats and the door panels. In red trim, the interior of the RC F is simply a masterpiece of automotive interior design.

As I remark in the video, the touch points of this interior have been designed and refined to perfection. The use of various materials creates a beautiful combination visually. It also enhances the premium feeling of the RC F’s interior space.

RC F interior
Lexus RC F

Quality and Attention to Detail

Lexus is well-known for the sublime quality of their production cars, and the RC F is the prime example of that. Every little detail in the interior, as well as the exterior, has been treated with the highest level of craftsmanship. No stone was left unturned in the final production design of the RC F, and the smallest details have been designed and built immaculately.

Lexus RC F

The Driving Experience

The RC F is very much at home in the confines of city streets. It makes for nice, comfortable, and luxurious daily drives around town. However, as I found out first hand, the car can go from a tamed and mature grand tourer to a fun-loving, high-revving, and spirited canyon driving beast.

Lexus RC F 5.0L engine

There is a lot to appreciate about the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine. The entire drivetrain comes alive in high RPM to give the driver as much fun as one can handle. 

Lexus RC F

The RC F is not the Lexus of the sports coupe segment. It is the sport coupe segment of the Lexus brand.’

The Lexus RC F is in a league on its own. It combines all the best characteristics of Lexus. There is no comparison to be made, in my opinion. The RC F is not the Lexus of sport coupe segment. It is the sport coupe segment of the Lexus brand. Those who own the RC F appreciate its uniqueness and its character. 

With the new RC F Track Edition set to be unveiled in Detroit in January, there will be even more for fans of Lexus to be excited about. I, for one, am very excited to see what the high-performance, track oriented version of the new RC is capable of.

Since the age of 3, Pouria has been fascinated with everything related to cars. His artistic background has steered him towards an education in industrial and automotive design.

An alumnus of the famous Art Center College of Design, his background in the realm of automotive styling and design, including experience working as a designer for KIA Motors, as well as in cooperation with auto manufacturers such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has given Pouria a unique perspective in his career as an auto journalist.

Pouria has loved drawing and designing cars since childhood. He certainly enjoys talking and writing about them. And most importantly, he loves driving them.

Though he is a specialist in the field of automotive User Experience, (UX) Pouria’s passion for automobiles expands into the world of motorsport as well. He loves discussing just about anything on 4 wheels. His published work spans across numerous Internet Brands Automotive Group sites as a writer and editor, as well as on The Sunday Club YouTube channel.

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