Lexus LFA Rips Around the ‘Ring in a Blistering 7:14:64

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Germany’s Nürburgring is the most demanding race course in the world. Manufacturers come from far and wide to test their hottest equipment against the “Green Hell,” and Lexus has just scored a major victory in the production car category.

The Nürburgring Package LFA has lapped the 12.8 mile course in a blistering 7:14:64, which is faster than offerings from Corvette, Ferrari, Viper, Porsche and pretty much everyone else. But what exactly constitutes a “production” car is kind of a gray area. Since there’s no independent body which sets the rules for a ‘Ring run, anything road-legal and stock counts. Currently, the top two spots are held by Radical–which basically makes LMP cars with a license plate bracket–and the third spot is held by Gumpert, which makes a race-ready, street-legal spaceship called the Apollo Sport. So while Lexus is technically fourth in the production car standings, it’s clear that Toyota’s first supercar is one hell of a competitor. Watch the video and see if you don’t agree…

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