Lexus LF-LC Interior: “Fluid Precision”

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The LF-LC is possibly the first Lexus with an expressive design both inside and out. Lately the focus on Lexus styling has been on the exterior, most specifically the polarizing Lexus Spindle Grille design. So what about the LF-LC’s luxurious interior?

Fluid Precision” is the term coined by the chief designers at CALTY, Lexus’ in-house design studio. The use of sharp lines and large bold shapes help characterize the LF-LC’s futuristic and emotional interior.

Because the LF-LC is still in a conceptual stage, there’s a good chance we’ll get to see certain design elements incorporated into future Lexus products. With that said, what elements of the LF-LC’s dramatic interior would you like to see? What stands out to you the most?
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