Lexus LC 500 Plays the ‘Hero’ as a Loveable, Satisfying Sports Car

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Lexus LC 500

Car Throttle gets their hands on a Lexus LC 500 in Northern Italy and immediately falls in love.

Reviews for the Lexus LC 500 are pouring in. And so far, they’ve all been overwhelmingly positive. Obviously, everyone loves the halo coupe’s drop dead gorgeous looks, innovative tech, and interior that’s both comfy to sit in and beautiful to look at. The real surprise, however, comes from driving dynamics. Especially from something that Lexus refuses to call a “sports car.”

Car Throttle got a chance to wring out the Lexus LC 500 and LC 500h in the picturesque mountains of Northern Italy recently. And even though their mountain road adventure was cut short by a landslide, CT’s enthusiasm for the LC clearly wasn’t dampened. Reviewer Matt Robinson admitted that the car was, above all “a far better driver’s car than I’d been expecting.”

Lexus LC 500

That, despite the car’s hefty curb weight. But Lexus masterfully disguises its girth with excellent steering and chassis dynamics. Which Robinson calls “rather lovely, on the whole, as is the rest of the package.” Much of that can be attributed, of course, to the fact that the Lexus LC 500 employs the most torsional rigidity of any vehicle they’ve ever built.

And even when relegated to a boring airport tarmac, the LC is capable of livening things up. “Every slip road, every blast away from a toll booth, every tunnel. Each provided a chance to stamp on the throttle and unleash the throaty howl of a naturally-aspirated, 471bhp V8,” Robinson gushes. Combine that with a smooth ride, comfortable seats, and a transmission Robinson calls an “enjoyable box of cogs,” and you’ve got a winner.

Lexus LC 500

Still, it’s worth noting that Robinson didn’t enjoy the hybrid LC 500h nearly as much. Most of that can be attributed to the lack of V8 howl and immediate thrust. Still, he calls it “fantastically clever.” And if you’re thinking about cross shopping, Robinson sees little reason to do so. “There are plenty of more conventional GT car choices out there, but this angular, shouty coupe makes them all look boring.” Sounds good enough to us.


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