Lexus Is The Best Says Consumer Reports

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It’s undeniable that Lexus makes the best cars in the world as they have achieved more benchmark awards than any other. JD Powers & Associates recently ranked Lexus highest in their 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. Now it’s Consumer Reports’ turn to crown Lexus the king in their 2013 Car Brand Report Cards.

The Lexus overall score of 79 was earned on a foundation of plush and very reliable vehicles. A further distinction: Consumer Reports currently Recommends 100 percent of the Lexus vehicles it has tested.” 

Considering Lexus’ short 24 year history compared to it’s competitors,  Lexus has strived to make the best cars in the world and the proof is in their slogan “The Pursuit of Perfection”. Congratulations Lexus!

Source: Consumer Reports

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