Lexus GS F Uncovered?!

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 Several sources have reported the spotting of an uncovered GS testing at the Nürburgring in Germany recently. This Nebula Gray Pearl F SPORT with TRD Japan F SPORT parts features a modified rear quad tipped exhaust resembling what is currently offered on the IS F.

For years, Lexus has been using the Nordschleife as a testbed for upcoming future performance products. Some of them covered and some uncovered. Of course this uncovered Nebula Gray GS F Sport could merely be a debaged Lexus with an obscure exhaust. But if you look closely, the interior features Sparco sport seats a beefy roll cage and dash mounted measuring equipment. Perhaps Lexus is working on a future GS race car or could it be more than that? Whatever it is, we are anxiously awaiting sound clips to see what Lexus has done to this modified 4th Generation GS. 

Autoblog says this future GS F could be good for a 465 HP 5.0L V8. In order to be a true BMW M5 and Mercedes Benz E63 AMG fighter, it needs a minimum of 500hp. What I would like to see in a GS F is a modified 2UR-GSE 5.0L V8 pushing a minimum of 500 HP using the latest Toyota valvetrain tech and electronics. An advanced, multi-mode Lexus AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension), an advanced Lexus Drive Mode Select with more aggressive VDIM settings and intake and exhaust tuned by Yamaha exclusive to GS F only. Think along the lines of LFA and it’s distinct engine sound and exhaust tone.

With the trademark of “GS F” in the books and the RC F on the way, we know Lexus is up to something in the near future. The best is yet to come.

Photos: CarPix via [Autoblog]

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